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This is my space to
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(so will your film if i am on the steadicam)

This is probably one of the best uses of twixtor iv ever seen!!

But ignoring that, the idea of movement and playing with gravity that it suggests all really moves in line with how im developing my idea.

Other than that its just badass!

Stunning cinematography, not much of a reason for the trip if you look at the description, but he was jammy enough to get the flights and permissions free with a RED ONE and now hes selling it as stock footage!!!!

Classical music or the history of flying?

After a mind boggling few weeks, sifting my way through 101 non-fiction proposals, the two ideas, both of which would be taken in quite an experimental approach to film making.

1. Doing a piece on the journey of an orchestra from the rehearsals to a big performance.

Initially the inspiration for this came from simply watching ‘Black Swan’, the latest Darren Aranofsky film, just reminding me how much you can make classical arts like dance and music look so beautiful and send an audience through so many emotions as you travel through the music.

2. A piece presenting mans constant attempt to fly through the last century.

Unfortunatly i think the current stage of this idea is purely visual. I have a lot of ideas with regards to shooting, coloring, editing styles i would like to dip into with an idea like this, and have already started looking into the availability and costs of organising skydiving and a hot air balloon trip.

There are a number of things id like to dip into with this other than these two but the research is only really in a development stage thus far.

Will post links to relevant videos so far and try and get some response/feedback.


Good Morning .

3HM. PT1

Never thought I’d say it but Ciaron Craig is now a blogger

Yes, the rumours are true.

After all the years of me giving bloggers stick i’ve now joined the clan…

I will be using this space to share my ideas on my on going short film or corporate work.

Im not sure how im going to approach the blog, but no doubt i will be trying to start many techy debates and fill your news feed full of amazing short films or visual concepts that i’ve found on the web or anything i manage to catch at festivals.

Will be posting lots of news on the current Non-Fiction short im approaching at the moment with details of the project and my potential ideas and techniques.

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